2016 Emmett Lions Club President’s Choice

We bought the coronet in December of 2000 from a Co-worker, it was in pretty bad shape at the time. All the switches were hanging by their wires and the only thing on the dash that worked was the speedometer. The rear deck filler was completely rusted out which in turn rusted out the trunk floor so we had to do plenty of rust repair. The passenger quarter panel was smashed in too. Since everything in this car was in need of attention I started my first restoration.

The first major restoration consisted of fixing the quarter panel and replacing the rear deck filler panel and repairing the trunk floor, fixing up everything on the dash that needed repair which required removal of the dash, heater assembly and the complete wiring harness, plus so much more. This time around the car ended up in a B5 blue.

In early 2007 the engine ended up needing a rebuild, so my son Forrest and I removed the engine and began teardown. We had the machine work done and the new pistons fitted to the rods at the machine shop, the rest of the work we did ourselves.

Around Mid to late 2011 My Son Forrest and I tore the car down again for the second major restoration, this time we fixed everything right, put in new upholstery and interior, then we fixed any remaining flaws we had left in the body and put on a 3 stage paint job, the color is called grape jelly from TCP global.

Pictures soon