As it stands now there will be no cruise this year from 6 to 9pm

This year, 2018, the Emmett Lions Club will not be hosting the cruise from 6 to 9 PM. Last year, 2017, we had more people than ever showing a total disregard for the rules we had in place to make it a safe and fun cruise. When we sat down and looked at the liabilities vs the benefits, it became evident we could not continue with the cruise. We are still looking to maybe find an acceptable answer but as it stands now it will go back to what it was before we closed the highway and restricted the cars to certain years.
It always seems to be a minority of the people who tend to ruin things for the rest and we apologize for that, but with out help from other groups it is just not feasible to continue with it.

But on a good note the car show in the park is still on.
Sorry for any inconvenience

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Emmett Lions Club

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