The Emmett Lions Club has been in existence for nearly 90 years providing public service to the citizens of Emmett. We have built boardwalks, sidewalks, tennis courts, play grounds, picnic shelters, wheel chair ramps and many many other projects. WE have paid for hundreds of pairs of glasses and hearing aides. WE have supported our Boy Scouts of America troop since 1933, the FFA, the large print library at the city library. We also have a project with the Emmett School District where we screen as many of the elementary children as we can for vision and hearing problems. Those that are identified with a problem are referred for further screening by a professional. To that end we use some of the funds we earn to purchase new equipment.
And we continue to do each of these items today! We are proud to assist and support our community in any way we can.

To contact us:
Emmett Lions Club
850 S. Moffatt
Emmett, Id. 83617