Photos of the Poole’s Truck that was the Lions Club President’s Choice from last year. Note in the fourth picture Dennis Gage is with the owner of the truck. This photo was taken when Dennis was here a couple years ago.



1958 Chevrolet Apache Pick Up

Owned and restored by Aaron, Jeanie, and Lane Poole of Emmett, Idaho.

Bought by Aaron in 1988 for $200 while he was in drivers ed.  It was his first truck.  Our family started restoration in July 2014 for our son Lane to use as his first truck.  

Lane was featured with the truck on the show My Classic Car with Dennis Gage.


















 Gerry & the Dreambenders

     The sound first came to us in the winter of 1963-1964. It traveled from England west to the Americas. Loud, vibrant, youthful, enthusiastic and fresh. It kicked aside the formulaic music of the legion of Frankies, Bobbys and Tommys that stateside hit factories had been shoving down the throats of the country’s teen market for years.

     It came to us courtesy of long-haired English boys wearing suits and packing irreverant chips on their shoulders. It came to us wrapped in exotic names like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hollies, Kinks, Them and Searchers, eventually joined by American versions calling themselves Byrds, Turtles, Lovin’ Spoonful and (a decade later) Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

     It was the sound that put guitars and drums in the hands and bedrooms of millions of this nation’s teenage boys, and it was the sound that reverberated through the gymnasiums, armories, ballrooms, bomb shelters and grange halls on Friday and Saturday nights across the United States nonstop for the next 4 or 5 years.

     It was the sound of the world changing…it was the sound of the British Invasion.

     Gerry & the Dreambenders are the northwest’s only genuine British invasion-era rock & roll tribute show. Gerry & the Dreambenders dedicate themselves to recreating the music, the look, the excitement and the unbridled joy that was an integral part of any mid-1960’s rock & roll revue.

     The individual members of the band hail from all points of the compass, and have played shows with such world-reknowned music heavyweights as Paul Revere & the Raiders, Steppenwolf, Merrilee & the Turnabouts, the Boxtops, the Shirelles, the Kingsmen, Uriah Heep, the Coasters, the Association, Johnny Rivers and many others.

     Having said all that, let’s meet Gerry & the Dreambenders, shall we?

Mike Wallace…vocals, rhythm & 12-string guitar, harmonica

Ken McAtee…lead guitar, vocals

Jack Hourcade…bass, vocals

Kolleen Bray…keboards, vocals

Lane Bune…drums