Vendor Spaces

What and Cost

Our vendor spaces are 10' X 20' and sell for $25.00. You can get one or as many as you want. Most are in shade, which is handy in July. When it is determined and the  show is allowed to go on this year we will send you a paypal invoice and once that is paid you space(s) will then be reserved. Payment day of the show is also an option but your space will not be reserved.

When and Where

Our show is July 18th this year, hopefully. It occurs in the Emmett City Park on East Main Street in Emmett Idaho. We allow vendors to come to the park on Friday evening to get their space and set up. Check back here for any new information.

What we do and don't want

The vendor area is for people selling new items or services. If you have car parts and auto memorabilia type items, check out our swap meet area. We currently Are not looking for or do we want food vendors. We Thank you for your interest though.